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    I’ve encountered soooo many patients who come in asking if their
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    Although Jersey has no debt, it has been eating into its savings and with that
    in mind Senator Ozouf wants to bring spending under control.When the
    Goods and Services Tax was first introduced, to a background of protests and petitions in May
    2008, it came with a guarantee of no increases for three years.Now, if
    the States agree, just under three years and one month from the introduction of the controversial tax, it will rise to
    5%.There are a number of other changes to the GST law, including an increase in the value
    of a gift from to before it is treated as a supply.Jersey’s treasury minister has describing the budget for
    next year as tough but fair.But Nick Corbel from the Unite Union says this will hit the poorest most.He said: «The essentials that everybody requires need to be bought, prices will go up and that will impact on those who can least afford to pay for it.The budget would also see, as part of the comprehensive spending review, limits on public sector spending.The total spending limits for 2012 and 2013 will see the level of savings raise to a minimum of by 2013.International finance companies will also be expected to contribute more, there will be an increase in the basic international services entities fee from toIt’s thought this increase will raise approximately million in revenue.A late filling fee will now apply to companies who are late with their tax returns, bringing them in line with personal tax returns.Impot dutyAnd, as usual, Impot duty will be increased on alcohol (up 6.2%), fuel (up 4.9%) and tobacco (up 11.1%).That works out as 58p on a litre of spirits, 7p on a bottle of wine, 2p on a pint of ordinary beer, 35p on a packet of 20 cigarettes and 2p on a litre of unleaded petrol.In the report it says that these increases are to support the health minister respond to health concerns relating to alcohol and tobacco.There will also be an increase in stamp duty for higher value properties in the island.Homes worth between and will rise from 3% to 3.5%, those with a value of between and will rise to 4% and those over will rise from 3% to 5%.These tax increases are just a small part of the budget, alongside the comprehensive spending review there will also be millions of pounds of savings across the States of Jersey.Have your say What are your thoughts on the proposed 2011 budget? Does it go far enough in cutting costs or too far?Rene, St ClementOver the last ten years the old age pension increase has averaged just over 4%. The most recent rise is 1.1%. Why does Senator Ozouf think that pensioners should be made responsible for past government errors? We will be hit hadest by the suggested rise in GST!!!.

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    FCManchester United kit: Here’s what the new adidas shirts could look likeBased on designs from the World Cup, here’s what Manchester United’s adidas kit could
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    And her new boyfriend. And her boyfriend’s kid. All while Kim’s
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    year in which the NBA buzzed loudest off the court, as
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